The life of Hans Peter Neuber, who was born in 1958, has strongly been influenced by music from his early childhood. He was only five years old, when his parents - his father was a composer himself and his mother was a concert pianist - taught him how to play the piano; later on, he also got lessons in harmony and music theory. As member of a jazzrock-band in his youth, he could make precious experiences concerning the art of improvisation. Already at that time H.P. Neuber refused to accept the traditional elements in music; he has always been trying to experiment with unusual sound-connections and extraordinary instrumentations.
After having graduated from High School he did civil service in a hospital and thereafter, he began studying medicine and psychology; he ended up with an emotional crisis, which he could overcome only after having followed a therapy for several months.

He finally decided to first work as tourists guide for some years in different countries.
First as a club host in southern countries and later as a tour guide in Iceland, Canada, Norway etc. It was during those years when Neuber - who until then had a materialistic view of life - became receptive for mystical feelings towards nature and the process of inner growth. Back in Germany again, his intense quest for spirituality made him discover the “Integral Yoga". Now, H.P. Neuber turned again towards music, his “real” business. He composed various works for piano which he performed at concerts, he gave in the local area. As he had never studied music at the conservatory, he got creative inspiration by the practice of meditation and yoga. Neuber’s opinion hereon: “Luckily, I was in lack of any restricting signpost as I would have got it ,if I had studied music, so I was totally impartial and thus dared to break new ground in music. In the beginning, people had difficulties in accepting this kind of music and some reviewers criticized it for its daring new elements, they missed the former traditional structures and could not give room to a floating formlessness...”
On the one hand, Neuber uses classical harmonies for his melodies but at the same time he experiments manifoldly with music and thus tries to express infinity and inner freedom; over the years, many professional top musicians got in touch with Neuber and were able to help to carry the meditative art of development of each particular musical piece by their fantastic improvisations. The crucial point of his musical work are highly melodious and contemplative works, music to dream that wants to touch your heart. But also études played on piano and flute, art songs, stirring symphonical music and pure experimental music are also part of the composer’s repertoire. The most interesting and mature works on CD might be - apart of the present Savitri-composition - “The Indefinable”, “Dragons music” and “Armageddon”,
orchestral, meditative music of real profound depth.
In 1989 Neuber founded the publishing house “NEUE DIMENSION”. At the same time, H.P. Neuber wrote fairy-tales, mystic and fantasy stories, fables, a specialist book on addictive diseases and “Zwergle-Geschichten”, books for children at pre-school and school age. At this place his - containing over 1000 pages-quadrologie "The cosmic grail ” deserves a special reference.

His whole musical work by the printing date of these lines (2011) comprehended of 1250 published compositions issued on about 157 CDs of different labels. As author, he had published about 28 books until 2007, which got excellent remarks especially in the district of childrens and juveniles therapie.
The artist describes the aim of his creative work as follows: “My fairy-tales and meditative music are meant to touch the people in the inmost recesses of their heart. We are often totally absorbed and sometimes shattered by the outward appearances of everyday life. Music that touches the soul can open up the senses and help us realize what is really important in life: The deep inner longing to know our Source and the purpose of life. And once you have engaged yourself in the quest for the purpose of life and has consciosly started to realize it , you will enter a new and more fulfilling period in your life; you will no more experience inner emptiness and frustration of every-day-life, but be filled with joy and satisfaction. And what can be more fulfilling than sharing our own inner power and sincere joy with the people around us?"
Since 1999, H.P. Neuber has been living partially in the untouched wilderness of Northern Europe, together with his lifetime companion Sonja and daughter Mira.