The search for a business partner
These lively times effect that profit and its maximization have become the basis of every business idea and nearly all activities on earth.
Such developments resulting from the presign of "Wanting to have", have of course nothing to do with a natural growing trade anymore, nor do they have something in common with a noble and unselfish project that wants to give.
For example there are less and less publishing houses which dare to finance a demanding (and thus mostly less saleable) book by the higher proceeds of a book within "mainstream".

For the returns finally derive from sales to the masses and the least is naturally less interested in reflecting liturature with the invitation, to make a spiritual progress enclosed, than in light reading, which shall brighten every-day-life.
I personally sign as the owner of the publishing house "Neue Dimension", but  I am primarily a pure artist who does not know too much about business and though very often had to learn it in the hard way in the course of years.

I am now looking for a serious business man who wants to be my companion, partner, purchaser or participator, who can take over the commercial part of the company (from marketing to utilization of rights), while I will go on to care for and build up the creative side.
Upright interests, which have primarily the intension to realize beauty and harmony and less intension to gain maximal profit, are invited to search for contact over the contact formular.

Hans Peter Neuber
In summer 2014
"Wenn du dich nun fragst,
warum diese ganze Welt existiert
und welcher Sinn ihr innewohnt, 
dann lasse ich dich erkennen,
daß sie nur für dich existiert ,
damit du ihr einen Sinn geben kannst - und sie dir den Deinen!"

Zitate aus den Gral Romanen